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Shri Chowdeshwari Devi Prasanna

Welcome to NewBuxIndia.com

At NEWBUXINDIA.COM you will get paid by visiting our sponsor's ads.We offer all features of today's PTC technology, including purchase processing and instant referral renting.Our Minimum Payout is at $1.00 - for both Standard and Premium members.Instant Cash Outs for Premium  members and within 10 Business Days for Standard members.

• Earn $0.01 Per Click for standard members
• Earn $0.0025 per referral click for standard members
• Earn $0.05 per Click for UPGRADED members
• Earn $0.01 per referral click for upgraded members

Earning Example As Premium:
•You click 10 Ads daily=$0.50
•Your 20 Refs click daily 10 Ads=$6.00
•Your daily earnings = $6.50
•Your weekly earnings = $45.50
•Your monthly earnings = $195.00

As a member you have access to detailed statistics of your earnings and your referral's activity.

Recently we are getting lots of chinese cheaters trying to cheat and hack our system. For this reason Only Users from China are required to have Premium Membership in order to request a cash out.

Shri Chowdeshwari Devi Prasanna

NewBuxIndia.com for Advertisers

We offer competitively priced advertisement packages for your online campaigns. Paid member clicks are guaranteed and clicks from outside visitors are included in the price.
Members can click your ad once per 24 hours and their visit will last at least 30 seconds.

Advertisement Plans
1,000 clicks for $2.00
4,000 clicks for $5.00
10,000 clicks for $15.00

Banner Rotators Plans
50,000 views for $4.00
100,000 views for $8.00
200,000 views for $16.00

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